IEISC 2023 Speakers

Prof. Yulin Wang
(Keynote Speaker)
Wuhan University, China


Speech Title: from bionic flight to brain like autonomous navigation

Abstract: The control of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has developed from remote control and program control to adaptive control with fault diagnosis and reconfiguration according to its own state change. In order to replace manned aircraft and perform various tasks in uncertain environment, UAV is bound to face great challenges from autonomous control. With the applications of various new technologies, the complexity of UAV system and the degree of automation of its functions are increasing. Due to the highly dynamic and uncertain combat environment and the complexity of flight tasks, planning and decision-making become a new technical challenge for UAVs. Various automatic control strategies based on program cannot meet the requirements of future advanced multi-functional UAVs for multi tasks in complex combat environment, so the improvement of autonomous flight control capability will be the main goal of UAV flight control system in the future. …… More

Biography: Prof. Yulin Wang is a full professor and PhD supervisor in the School of Computer Science, Wuhan University, China. He got PhD degree in 2005 from University of London, UK. Before that, he has worked in high-tech industry, including Huawei@, for more than ten years. He has involved many key projects, and hold 8 patents. He got his master and bachelor degree in 1990 and 1987 respectively from Xi-Dian University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST), both in China. His research interests include digital rights management, software engineering, information security, and artificial intelligence. In recently 10 years, Prof. Wang has published as first author 3 books, 40 conference papers and 45 journal papers, including in IEEE Transactions and ACM Transactions and Elsevier Journals. Prof. Wang served as editor-in-chief for International Journal of Advances in Multimedia in 2010. He served as reviewer for many journals, including IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Elsevier Journal of Information Sciences. He served as reviewer for many research funds, including National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 project). Prof. Wang was the external PhD adviser of Dublin City University, Ireland during 2008-2010. He was the keynote speakers in many international conferences. He bas been listed in Marcus whos who in the world since 2008.